The Tale of the Hot Grocery Shopper

November 11, 2012

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I spend way too much of my time in Walmart. And it always seems that no matter how many times a week… or day I go I forget something. So then I go back with another list in my head and still I forget something. You must be thinking, well gee Nikki, why don’t you just wright it down?! Well you see, I do… but somehow I forget those things too. Even if I am staring directly at them on a piece of paper.

Hence forth the Walmart staff are beginning to recognize my curly red hair and apparent disregard for normal social standards. My obvious lack of simple list recollection has me set apart from all the other customers.

Besides being a great place to waste my money and buy all of the things to stuff my face with, Walmart is a great place to people watch! Walmart is generally filled with average looking people living average lives, but hey, I like to see what other people are doing. Every now and then I creep in other people’s carts in hopes of seeing them buy 3 boxes of cookies to make myself feel better about my eating habits.

Not often though do you see a really good looking person at Walmart. Sometimes you see a decent looking person, but the hot people just don’t seem to shop at Walmart! I don’t know why, but I think my obvservations hold true. But on my quad weekly trip to Wally World today I saw the most absolute beautiful man on the face of this beautiful earth. But man did he look like a fish out of water! This brown hair, blue eyed beauty strut his stuff down the pasta aisle with the force and vigor of a jungle cat. REOW. Khakis, a blue button up, and a leather jacket that could just make you melt.

Why was he here? Where did he come from? But most importantly where does he grocery shop?! Walmart was obviously his second or third choice in grocery stores considering his upturned nose but regardless he was there and I was creepily staring at him… So I promptly looked at the ground and walked away nearly running my cart into a mother with 4 kids.

I made it out of there alive without embarrassing myself too terribly. But I am still baffled! Where on earth do all of the hot people grocery shop? 

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