Under the Mistletoe

November 18, 2012

If I hear one more girl whine and complain about how much she wants a boyfriend for the holiday season I am going to explode. And no, I am not being facetious.

I honestly do not understand whatsoever the uncontrollable internal need to have a boyfriend or a companion. I also don’t understand even more the girls who waste giant chunks of their day complaining about how they don’t have a boyfriend or about how they want a boyfriend so bad or about how boys won’t ever like them.

Damn straight a boy is not going to like you if you spend your free time obsessing over something that is so disgustingly immature that it makes you sound like a 3rd grade girl! Get. It. Together.

If you are lonely? Make some friends

If you are cold? Get a snuggy

If you want a cuddle buddy? Pick up your dog

If you want someone to waste your money on taking out and buying stupid gifts for? Give it to me.

If you are sad? Get an attitude change and find things that make you happy.

A boy is not going to fill ANY void that you have (emotionally). For about 8 months you will be happy and giddy and smiley and all that crap until you realize that the honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever and you are back to being unhappy and you have a giant smelly leach stuck to your back costing you money!

A boy will not solve your problems or find you happiness in this world. And if you honestly spend your free time think about all the boys you don’t have? There is a bigger issue at hand. So quit posting Facebook statuses and Tweeting and Instagramming and Tumbling and Flickring and WHATEVER OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK ING there is, about your pathetic void filled life. Buy a dog, take up a hobby, join a club. Your problems are solved.  

Sometimes life throws you curveballs and it just dampens your spirit. But then you have to take a deep breath and remember that only you have the ability to change the fate of your happiness. A boyfriend could change that for a while but then there comes a point when he is no longer enough and you have to choose to be happy or not. A boyfriend can’t decide the fate of your happiness. They don’t have that much power. 

It is okay to stand alone under the mistletoe

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