11:11 Wishes

December 1, 2012

Wishing seems like such a wonderful idea. We can ask for something that isn’t a normally tangible idea for us without having to put in a lick of work. We just say the words and get it… eventually. But the problem about wishing is that we keep doing it. Day after day we wish for this or that or for this life or that one. We keep asking and demanding and hoping that finally one day we are going to wake up surrounded by all of the blown out birthday candles and 11:11 moments.

We waste today with a wish for tomorrow’s life. And we waste tomorrow with a wish for the next day’s life. And so on and so forth it continues until before we know it we have nothing to show for our lives other than a college degree that we spent way too much money on and a photogenic cookie cutter family who takes bike rides around the neighborhood after dinner. And then we blink and we are on our deathbeds looking back at each day along the way. And we start to count, and we count how many we totally wasted.

It’s all because we wished. We talked and thought about and wished for these things, but we never had the courage to step outside and take that which we want. We never had the bravery to put all of our time and effort into hard work to get these things we so desired.

We threw away time we could have used to do anything and everything we wanted… because we spent it twiddling our thumbs hoping it would all just fall from the sky one day. Well it won’t. Wants and desires are never just dropped in our laps. They take work and a lot of it. But the pay off is beyond the likes of our brains because we have something to show for the life we led.

There was no wishing…
There was simply having a goal and running toward that goal uphill with the rain and wind in your face. But then we got it, we got our wish. Because there was no sitting around waiting for it until the day we died. Because little hint, it will never come if you do. 

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