Bestest Friends

November 30, 2012

Who would have thought that a girl who gets angry too often, jumps to conclusions, thinks too highly of herself, dances all too often, snaps at people, looks funny without make up, and pushes people away so easily could end up with some of the best friends the most perfect young lady deserves.

I am blessed as if I was some sort of queen, but instead am a only peasant. Even though I snap, even though I get pissy, even though I push them away, they always somehow end up right next to my side smiling at me as if nothing went wrong.

And I know I sure as hell don't deserve to have such strong and level headed people right at my side even when I seem to be my most irrational. I'm so thankful that this world isn't fair and that somehow somewhere someone thought I was deserving enough to know the people I do.

But the point is that, it's all taken for granted sometimes. At any moment all that you have been blessed with can be ripped from your tight grip. There's nothing you can do but stand by and watch all that you ever knew and all that ever kept you afloat was gone. And as much as I wish I could say I can do it all by myself... I can't sometimes. Those people are to be cherished. At the end of the day when all is said and done, those are going to be the people who are knocking on your door to make you feel better after a bad day or jumping around the room with you because you got an A on your test. Those are the one's to keep around. Because even for a girl who pushes everything and everyone away, they always seem to be there.

I have the most wonderful friends.

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