Calling All Gatsby Fans

December 19, 2012

Calling all Gatsby fans! 

This classic and brilliant novel is being brought to life once again on the big screen. My mom has and always will claim the original 1960s film version of the book will always be the best, but for classic literature fans from this generation this new film is welcomed with open arms!

Because it has been years since I have read the book I am in the process of rereading it in order to be prepared for the premier in May. To get myself psyched for the film of the season I have been researching all things Gatsby. Gatsby sweatshirts, t-shirts, quotes, fan fiction, history… the works!

While aimlessly scrolling through Twitter today a friend of mind posted a link to the second trailer for The Great Gatsby. I bounced up and down and after letting it load for what seemed like eternity, I witnessed a stunning site. I will post the trailer down below, but you have to understand… you mind will be blown.

I could be slightly biased because of my long-term fandom for Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald, but regardless the film looks brilliant.

Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan
Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway
And of course the one and only Leonardo Dicaprio as Jay Gatsby. Pardon me whilst I swoon. It could be his tear-jerking performance in Titanic that created a spot for DiCaprio in my heart, but his undeniable sex appeal may be a small factor as well. Regardless, I think the directors chose the perfect person to play Gatsby.

I must stop before I get too excited considering the film doesn’t premier until May; but you can rest assured that come May 11 after I have attended the midnight premier there will be a full movie review ready for your reading pleasure.

Until then please bask in the glory that is the trailer

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