Day 4 of Couch Lockdown

December 22, 2012

Day 4 of couch lockdown. The fevers continue and so does the hacking. With every passing minute I feel as if my lungs sink deeper and deeper into never ending fluid.

I keep taking meds and they seem to help. But every time I try to sit with my eyes open I seem to fall asleep. I think someone is plotting my downfall…

Is it an inside job? Sister, perhaps? Maybe she plans to destroy me to get all of my Christmas gifts. Makes sense. She always has been a little bit jealous of my wonderful things. Maybe it’s the dog. I knew I was never her favorite… but this?

What if it’s my own body. Testing me, to make sure I’m ready for that strange tough world out there. Hmmm. I am keeping an eye out for any signs… well when I can keep my eyes open that is.

More on this later, I don’t want anyone getting suspicious.

Over and out. 

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