December 5, 2012

I realized that my blog posts have sounded like extended Facebook status lately. I sincerely apologize for my lack of brilliant insight and obviously experienced guidance in this crazy world.

But as a 19-year-old college student and when your semester grades depend upon your final test scores all of the sudden all things besides coffee, study music, books, pens, and pages upon pages of notes all seem superfluous. So I decided: it’s study tips time with Nikki Darling!

Finals are evil and should be abolished. But alas my fellow college students they are alive and ready to ruin our GPAs. So here are study tips

  • No TV- as hard as it might be, just don’t turn the TV on. One episode of How I Met Your Mother can turn into seven quite easily and before you know it it’s midnight and you haven’t started studying for your 8 a.m. final tomorrow morning.
  • Take breaks- reward yourself for reading a chapter in your dreadfully detailed government book and take a break. Go pee, take a walk, chat with your mom, do a little dance around the room and then head back to work after 10 minutes.
  • Eat food- I normally don’t recommend this for the sake of maintaining the sexy Victoria Secret bodies we all have. But at least for me having a snack to eat while studying helps me concentrate. Especially brain food like chocolate and nuts.  
  • Look at pictures of kitties- makes any situation happier.
  • COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE- drink all of the coffee. Helps you concentrate and stay focused. And also helps you keep your sanity…ya know, that.
  • Prioritize- if you realize you are falling behind on studying pick the things you need to study the most and concentrate on those topics. Review the rest briefly before the test.
  • Sleep- sleeping is all too important. If you are up until all hours of the night the night before the exam it doesn’t matter how well you knew the information last night. Come the test in the morning, you are not going to do as well.
  • Dress nicely- for some reason that I haven’t had time to do research on yet, dressing nicer improves productivity and scores.
  • Positive attitude- don’t go into the test thinking you are going to fail it. Realize you are going to do the best you can and that is all you can do. A good attitude helps so much.

Hope these help! And good luck on finals my lovelies! Let me know how they go!

Also, listen to this Ed Sheeran song.  I’m not obsessed or anything…

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