Flu Shots are Your Friend

December 20, 2012

Five days until Christmas; a time everyone is supposed to be baking cookies, spending time with the family, wrapping presents, relaxing etc. and here I am curled up under 4 layers of blankets with a fever and a cough that could wake up the city. I really regret not getting the flu shot now.

I thought the curse was over. I spent the entire semester healthy and illness free. I didn’t miss a single class because of illness and never called in sick to work. No medicines were needed besides the occasional allergy meds. I was healthy. Maybe I wasn’t going to get sick this semester I thought. A rarity considering every few weeks comes a new bug ready to attack my body.

Finally the curse was lifted and I would live happily ever after in health. I didn’t even bother getting the flu shot. Whoa whoa there. I know a daring step really. For someone as prone to viruses as I am it would be very appropriate for me to get over my fear of needles for once and get a flu shot. I didn’t this year, big mistake.

Four days after finals ended and the best winter break yet to come and there I am with a fever hacking up my lungs. I mean the timing is appropriate. My body retaliates the moment the collegiate schedule allows for fun.

Here’s to hoping I will be better by Christmas. Nothing says Merry Christmas like infecting my family with the flu.

But I guess it doesn’t really matter, the world is gonna end soon right?

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