Good Moments

December 18, 2012

Sometimes not fun things happen in life. You crack two of your teeth. You spend way too much money on Christmas presents. You don’t do as well in school as you should have. You get blisters on your feet from walking around the mall. You get sick a week before Christmas. The house is freezing. You can’t get a good night sleep.

It’s the not fun things that add up to a moment of tears and cuddling the cat to realize that even though sometimes “bad” things happen, this isn’t a bad life. At least I have a house. At least I have money to spend on Christmas. At least I can go to the mall. At least there is medicine to make me feel better… the list goes on. Sometimes we all (myself included) need a reality check to make us realize that compared to a lot of the people in this world we have it pretty good and whining about a blister on my foot isn’t gonna make it better.

It’s important to take those positives of every situation and hold them close because before we know it, it could all be gone and we could be left with absolutely nothing in this world.

It’s Christmas time, a time for peace and a time to recognize all of the blessings we have received no matter how small or how big because those push away those bad moments. 

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