How I Met Your Mother

December 10, 2012

Parents always tell their children that watching television rots your brain. Okay. Sure. But what they don’t mention is that television can teach you some extremely important lessons!

How I Met Your Mother has taught some valuable life lessons that I would have otherwise had to learn “the hard way”

HIMYM taught me:

  • Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.
  • Smoking turns you into a crazy psycho
  • Never go out with someone named Barney
  • It’s weird to share a toothbrush with your significant other
  • Stealing blue French horns is romantic
  • Keeping gifts from your old Exes is weird
  • Never break the bro code
  • Playing laser tag at the age of 30 is actually cool
  • Suits get the hunnies

But most importantly the second you swear off love and concentrate on your career, love hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. It’s a curse. So those of you freaking out about being single and peeing yourself every time a cute boy/girl talks to you… stop. Let it go and concentrate on important things. Dedicate your time and energy and emotion to furthering you as a person and before you know it, love falls right into your lap. The second you stop looking for something it finds you.

Regardless of what my mommy keeps telling me about my continuously rotting brain, How I Met Your Mother has some important lessons that I generally take to heart! Love. Laugh. Learn. HIMYM.  

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