I Love Me Some Christmas Lights

December 28, 2012

The seat warmers on and hot drinks in hand, we all piled into the car to take a drive down Christmas Light Lane. It was days after Christmas and by now the snow has melted into a nice little slush that seeps into your cheap Wal*mart boots, but hey, gotta take what you can get right.

Legs curled up tight and eyes wide as we entered the magical land of Christmas lights. Christmas lights are fun and jolly and some people would much rather complain at their neighbors dancing blue and green tree-lights, but others appreciate the glowing magic it spreads to all.  

Each wrapped tree is just a little bit different, and each yard as a different ornament. Some even have Santas sliding down the side of the house! Green lights and red light and blue lights and purple lights and multi-colored too! My favorite would have to be classis white. They brighten up a night and glisten up a house. They make you want to knock on the person’s door to see what jolly saying that have ready for you. They remind me of snow and of peace and quiet. Like if you were looking at those lights, there is no way you couldn’t be happy!

Christmas lights no matter how, no matter when are magical and perfect and bring on the best of cheer. Christmas lights now and Easter and Fourth of July, maybe even Thanksgiving too. They belong at every holiday, they bring happiness. 

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