December 4, 2012

I do not know why it has taking me so long to discuss this with you all but, IT IS DECEMBER. I know right? How did this happen? Why does it feel like a cool summer day outside then? I have no clue, but the second December hit you best believe I stepped outside to see if it was snowing... it wasn't. But regardless, it is December. It is the winter season. It is almost Christmas time. It is the end of the semester.

I will speak more on this later as the time closes in, but in the midst of studying and an Ed Sheeran freak out, I somehow recalled where I was at this time last year. I was probably 10 pounds lighter. My hair was shorter. I was a college freshman searching for my place in this universe. I was recovering from a sickly first semester. I was looking for anything to indicate I was doing the right thing.

And here I am a year later with articles published and experience gained. A couple boys later. And a 2012, 365 blog nearly complete. I am finally beginning to find what I was looking for back then. And I think like so many other people out there, it was a purpose. Because if I had a purpose all of the little bits and pieces of negativity wouldn't seem so big anymore. No longer do they warrant me to question my path but moreover recognize that every now and then, people will just have shitty days. And of course there is the matter of accepting that purpose. It's our choice.

A year ago today I never would have thought I would accomplish this much. Before I get too sappy I have to remind myself I have 6 tests to take in the next week. More on this later.


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