Les Miserables

December 29, 2012

It’s movie review time again. And this time you don’t want to miss out because I saw Les Miserables.

The very first time I saw the preview for Les Mis I was sitting in a movie theater and I began to tear up. I am a long time fan of the musical and I was waiting the day I would be able to see it on the screen.

I was concerned for a time because it was rumored that Taylor Swift was going to be playing Cosette, but once that rumor was put to rest and I could regain my sanity I was all too ready to see it.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but as I believe every should go see the film. Even if musicals aren’t particularly your thing the visuals and action sequences are enough to keep you amazed the entire time. Special effects in this film were key to give it the feeling of grandeur it needed at times and the designers definitely succeeded. The opening scene itself keeps your eyes wide. Visually the movie was unique and characteristic of the time period and captured the struggle of life during that time period in France.

The music of course was brilliant. I sang along the time. Russell Crowe didn’t have the best voice on the planet, but with the combination of his voice and acting skills his performance was wonderful. He was able to capture the determination, yet confusion of Javert. The rest of the cast had wonderful voices in solo and harmony and I was just blown away. There are very very few spoken words in Les Mis, but even so the performers didn’t make it sing-songy and silly. It felt real. And for those of you who have given Anne Hathaway crap about not being able to sing, suck it. Because Anne kicked ass at her part and she cut off all her hair. Got to give a girl credit for that. Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman were of course brilliant. Amanda’s voice sounds like a song bird. The supporting characters were all musically talented as well. Owned their parts.

And the acting of course was superb. When you have Helena Bonham Carter in a film you know it’s going to be high quality. Her and Sacha Baron Cohen were hilarious as the Thenardiers (the inn keepers). Even the children in the film gave the performance of their lives. Better look out for them in the future because they just had their career made.

If you like musicals, go see it. If you like action movies, go see it. If you like historical movies, go see it. If you like love stories, go see it. The film is all around brilliant and the directors and producers captured the true point of Les Miserables. A lot of people don’t like the show simply because of it’s harsh subject matter, but the film handled that in a delicate way yet gave the honest truth about how difficult life was during that time.

And I would just like to specifically mention Hugh Jackman’s performance. I have seen him in things before, but I have never seen him carry a show like he did this one. The combination of his voice and acting ability shown through and captured the hearts of every member of the audience. His performance was mind blowing.

Wonderful film. Very well done. I recommend it to everyone. And it is definitely one I will be seeing in theaters again. 

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