Mothers and Daughters

December 15, 2012

A mother and a daughter; so alike it was awful. Stubborn and opinionated these two never ceased to have something to argue about. Yelling and tears and frustrations sent them both fuming.

But a mother and daughter so alike they knew what the other needed to hear to make everything seem a little less scary. They knew when the tears were real and when they weren’t. And they understood when the other simply needed a pair of ears to listen to fears and tribulations. They knew how to take from the other in order to learn more about themselves. And they could laugh about goofy things one did, because chances are the other did it too. 

And while the mother could be harsh and while the daughter could be irrational, they knew how to talk for hours at a time about the most pointless meaningful things without an argument (sometimes). And while sometimes it was terrible, sometimes it was wonderful. And that makes all the difference. 

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