My Cousins are Better Than Yours

December 30, 2012

I started to write my cheesy sappy end of 2012 blog post when I realized I still have to wait one more day before I release my pent up feelings inside. 

But until I would just like to say my wonderful cousins have been in town for the past few days and even though I was sick as a dog most of the time and couldn’t really do a lot it was still wonderful to have them around. I think it is so easy to take family for granted. I have lived my entire life with tons of aunts and uncles and cousins and never really thought twice about it or never really thought that I’m pretty lucky to have such a big family.

I know so many people who have maybe one or two cousins that they get to see every now and then, but that’s it. While I’m sitting over here with 15 cousins on my family tree most of whom live close.

I’m sure many of you can sympathize that sometimes big families can be stressful or annoying when everyone knows your business. But at the same time it is such a blessing to have a huge built in support system right there.

Sometimes they can be crazy. Sometimes they can be nuts. But some how I ended up with the best cousins a girl could ask for.

Also I realize my Christmas theme is a little bit overdue, but I will fix it soon enough. But I must say I will miss looking at those little Christmas trees every day! 

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