Passing Through

December 8, 2012

So I was sitting here thinking about death. It sounds so vulgar and heinous for me to say, but it’s the truth. When the holidays roll around and certain special souls are missing from the hubbub and excitement it makes you think. And so here I am thinking about death.

Thinking about all of the funerals and all of the gravestones scattered around this world. Thinking of every single teardrop that fell for each one of those millions of gravestones. That’s a lot of tears.

The thing about death that scares people the most is that it’s permanent. I think I’m stating the obvious here, but it fathoms my mind sometimes to think about the permanent. Because no matter what, every single person has to die. And that concept is hard to grasp. That someone is truly gone. That their soul has passed on to where ever you believe souls go.

Sometimes I cry about losing my great grandma. And sometimes I cry even more about losing my sister. But then I have to remember that everyone will cry those same tears. And no doubt I will cry some more of those tears. And some day people will cry those tears over me. And that’s just how it is. It doesn’t make the hurt or the missing go away, but it helps lighten the blow.

The holidays are here. And while I do miss those who aren’t with me anymore I should be celebrating those who are fortunate to still be here with me. Because they are only here for a certain amount of time. And there I will be crying those same tears again. 

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