Rubber Skin

December 6, 2012

I was writing something else earlier when I got distracted because I forgot there was a new Jenna Marbles video out and I hadn’t seen it yet. I promptly hit up that Youtube and clicked her latest video to find that my hero, my roll model, my homeskillet bisket… was not doing okay.

I scrolled through the comments to make sure my homegirl was okay. Someone suggested watching her boyfriend (maxnosleeves) latest video. I did. For two people that are as crazy and wild as they are I never would have thought I would tear up watching one of their videos. But I did. Here is the link to the video that I suggest you all watch.

It made me stop to think that even people who seem so invincible on the outside can literally fall to pieces on the inside. Those hard asses we see walking around look like they could shoot a dog and walk away with out a twinge. But they can be fragile once you look just underneath that rubber skin.

We take those people for granted sometimes. We disregard them in relation to those who ebb and flow with emotion. While really those who have that rubber skin feel everything just as we do… maybe even just a little bit more.

It gave me a newfound respect for people in general. Everyone feels things in different ways. I think we all need to remember that sometimes. Because a disconcerted look to rubber skinned person could hurt much more than you could possibly imagine. So treat people decently. You never know the kind of effect it could have. Because no matter who they are, they deserve respect but most importantly compassion.

Also, I decorated my blog for Christmas time! It looks quite cheesy but I think I like it. I hope you do too.

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