Snap Chat: The Point?

December 17, 2012

Recently I have been introduced to the latest and greatest social conversational app of sorts. Snap Chat.

A couple different people had to explain to me the point of this app before I decidedly admitted it was totally pointless. Based upon my research I have come across the disturbing fact that this app was developed to be a sex toy for the hormone charged teens of this generation. An easier path to sexting so I’ve heard.

Before we continue on, I would just like to say that if an app had its roots as a sexting tool, it isn’t bound to accomplish great feats in the world of social media.

So, the whole premise of this app is to communicate via photo. But the catch is, you can only see the picture for a matter of seconds before it disappears and you can never see it again. The genius creators of this app understood that if you are sexting, it is best to have the picture permanently deleted so people cannot be caught later. Good try; anything sent through any electronic means at all can be traced. And of course it creates mystery between the two tweenies sending provocative pictures back and forth. You only have a certain amount of time to see it, so make sure to get a good look, wink.

But of course there are people in this world that value themselves more than to just send provocative/revealing pictures to their friends/random strangers. Some decently intelligent people use this app to send goofy pictures of themselves to their friends just for fun, no arguments here. Cross eyes. Tongue out. Peace sign. And of course the typical pictures of the cat. Granted, I do quite enjoy the pictures of our feline friends as much as the next person, but frankly I don’t totally understand the point in this app general.

I finally downloaded the app to try it out so my word would have a little bit more validity and it just wasn’t all that impressive.

Just one social media junky’s opinion. 

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