The Hobbit!

December 16, 2012

I’m a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in book and movie form. I have been anticipating this movie for quite sometime now. I will be quite honest, once everyone was seated and the lights dimmed to go into movie mood, I began panicking. My eyes were peeled for all signs of movement and I kept a strict eye on every single person walking in or out determining if their coat was large enough to conceal guns.

But once I got over my paranoia and I heard the familiar sounds of the Shire flute, my heartbeat calmed down and relaxed at something so comforting and home in my heart. Good start to the film. With every face I recognized or even didn’t recognize I felt right at home, as if I was a Hobbit just along for the adventure.

Ian McKellen as Gandalf was his brilliant normal self. I’ve always revered his portrayal of that character.  And I have never seen Martin Freeman act in anything before, but was pleasantly surprised by his performance as Bilbo. 

This movie has some intense but for lack of better words TOTALLY FREAKIN AWESOME battle scenes especially when they were inside the mountain and trying to escape. Brilliant acting. Brilliant cinematography. Brilliant special effects.

I haven’t read the Hobbit in it’s entirety, but for the part I have read and from what I’ve heard as well, the movie stays pretty on par with what the book has. And little be known to me that the Hobbit is going to be not one, not two, but three movies!

Hurray another movie franchise to characterize a decade in my life! But I am very excited about the films. This first one was not as good as the other films, in my opinion, but was still an awesome movie.

I recommend you go check it out! 

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