Things I Don't Understand About Girls

December 23, 2012

In my feverish and flu-ey state I was perusing my Facebook timeline to catch up on some of the exciting gossip my FB friends feel the need to tell me when I came across an interesting phenomenon; sometimes, I just don’t understand girls.

-Hello Kitty. why do grown girl still like Hello Kitty. I mean it was cool when I was 7, but now? I don’t get it.

-Those girls who feel the need to always have a boyfriend. I promise that there are more interesting and better things for you to be interested in than boys.

-Those girls who feel the need to constantly give status updates about how their dates went giving explicit details about every little thing the boy did throughout the date. Stop, tell it to a word doc.

-Those girls who post pictures of themselves drunk ass wasted every weekend. Why? Who is going to care that you got drunk?

-The sorority pose

-When girls post dozens of photobooth pictures of themselves alone doing poses such as the peace sign, the thinker, the I’m trying to look sexy with my eyes half open but really I just look tired, the I’m gonna look off into the distance with a sad look on my face.

I just don’t understand frankly. 

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