Too Many Flu Meds

December 21, 2012

The flu continues. More and more flu meds have been taken along with the consumption of gallons and gallons of water and infinite hours of bundled up sleep on the couch. At least I have my post-foot-surgery Dad to keep me company and pick out good TV shows to watch.

I wish I had wise words to share with you all today but alas, this pounding headache and impending fever have all but erased any complex thought beyond when can I can my next flu meds.

But for your joy and entertainment I have created a list of things not to do when you are sick:

Jump on a trampoline
Run a marathon
Go skydiving
Read any of Shakespeare’s plays
Watch Contagion
Make-out with someone
Eat a basket of spicy wings
Attempt to drive

I was going to have more but… my brain got tired. Too hyped up on cold and flu meds.

Also I got the mail today and I fell and scraped my hand. It hurts.

Also I apologize if this is too weird. I'm delirious.  

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