True Beauty

December 14, 2012

This is talked about a lot. Speeches are given about this a lot. But there is always something to be said about understanding true beauty versus outer beauty. Make up seems to be a necessity to ladies. Changing your hair is fun. Having the latest and greatest and cutest of clothes is exciting and gives us the confidence boost we sometimes need.

But when you crawl into bed at night with no makeup on, hair in a bun and sweats and an old tee on the person behind all of that worldly excitement is left. Some people hate that person. And some people love that person. But whether you like it or not, that is who you truly are. You aren’t your hair. You aren’t your makeup. And you aren’t your clothes.

It is due time that girls learn to love what is the core of who they are. It’s so easy to get lost in the person on top without a thought to the person underneath. But no matter how pretty or glamorous the outside girl is, the one without the make up and the hair and the clothes is just as beautiful if not more so.

Put on sweats. Put your hair in a bun. Take your makeup off. Stand in front of the mirror and just smile. That is who you are. A true beauty.

I would also like to extend all of my thoughts and prayers to the families and community in Connecticut. I honestly don't have words to say. It simply makes me sick. But heaven gained some beautiful angels today. 

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