December 3, 2012

It was summer 2012. It was hot. It was sunny. It was new and fun and adventurous. It was a 6 a.m. flight to California with the best friend. It was an adventure in and of itself. We walked through the gates of security by ourselves and found our seats on the plane by ourselves. We chatted and slept and listened to music predicting the plane was going to crash because neither of us were lucky enough to have an adventure of this magnitude.

But have an adventure we did. From small town Texas where everyone drove a Honda Accord and went to their kids soccer games on Saturday nights, we were in a knew world. One with beaches and quiet mornings and shops upon shops of the wildest clothes you could imagine. Coffee at every corner and loads of health food stores. People from here and there and all over. It was all so knew and different. And while you California natives roll your eyes at the wide-eyed wanderlust filled girl, I couldn’t have been happier to be there. A girl like me doesn’t get to do things like that very often. I snapped photos, I wrote down images, I took in everything I could knowing that before I knew it I would be heading back once again to small town Texas.

And here I sit months later recalling every single memory and feeling and yearning to feel it all over once again. But that is what being young is about right? Learning, but taking every single opportunity you get to experience the world. To see anything and everything.

If not, what is tomorrow but waiting for another tomorrow? And you spend that tomorrow waiting for another tomorrow to bring the adventures you want and the experiences you yearn for. Patiently waiting isn’t always the answer. There isn’t a better time to do something you yearn to do than right now. Waiting for tomorrow will leave you in your forties with three kids and a house mortgage in an overly priced suburb and nothing to show for it. 

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