Ed Sheeran Again

January 20, 2012

After a particularly long and bumpy car ride full of belting middle school classics, paying $10 for parking, and walking to the end of an oddly long line full of scantily dressed young ladies my best friend and partner in crime and I began the long wait on Friday afternoon outside of the Palladium in Dallas until the musical stylings of Ed Sheeran blew us away once again.

We made friends in the line. We shivered in the line. We made fun of the girls already in pain from their heals in the line. We made videos in the line. We checked out the oddly large rims of passing cars in the line. We had completely exhausted the line activities when we were finally given the go ahead to march proudly into a room of screaming girls all waiting for Ed. What they didn’t understand is how much longer they were going to have to wait.

We purchased merch. We filmed some more videos. We got compliments on our hair. We used the bathroom. And by the time the opening act came out we had been pushed to the back forcing us to periodically jump up and down to see the dude on stage. Regardless the first opening act was wonderful! Go check out his website ( here) He is talented, quirky, and definitely worth listening to.

The crowd was charmed and ready for Ed after Foy Vance left the stage, but one more opening act got the crowd excited. Rizzle Kicks. I am not a fan of American rappers to be quite honest with you, but British ones are not to shabby! They were charming but talented and offered up fun music with a good beat that could put anyone in a good mood. Go check them out here 

I was worried about the opening acts at first because frankly opening acts are a drag most of the time. They aren’t very talented and people sit and chatter and use them as back up music. But not these guys. The audience loved them and they loved the audience. Ed chose ‘em right.

Finally Ed. The massive room filled with 3,000 blood curdling  screams of insanity when Ed casually walked out onto the stage. He plugged in his guitar, got his loop pedal into place, and began jamming out to the sound of Give Me Love before the screams even died down. I nearly had a heart attack. Song after song after song he played and after each one I was left with a feeling of lightness. Like his tunes had some how lifted a burden off my shoulders (Sorry for getting mushy and what not). After only an hour he announced it would be his last song. I was rather confused. I’m sorry but I have been waiting all afternoon for this! I better get more than an hour of songs!!! Sure enough I did. I think it was me chanting “encore encore!!” that drug him back out onto the stage… that or his set list. And there we got another 45 minutes. Well played Ed you sneaky dude you.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers just in case there are those of you who haven’t seen him yet, but the concert was absolutely epic. The disgustingly annoying drunk girls next to me couldn’t even ruin the night.

A dude. A guitar. A loop pedal. A heart. And some damn good raw talent. Add them all together and once again a memorable night was created. One that I shall surely not forget until my brain dies.

It was truly a blessing to be able to have seen him in concert again. His lyrics honestly blow my mind and his talent in unbelievable. Dallas had a great evening that night. I hope to see him back here again soon.

….. I think I have lost all of my words for now…. My best friend Sarah and I vlogged the whole thing and are going to upload that video soon! I will inform you when that time comes and post a links.

Until then XO

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