Following Your Dreams and All That Mushy Stuff

January 6, 2013

Long time no talk readers! After this week I must say it is quite weird not blogging every day. I would go about my day thinking about things to blog about but then realize ‘oh wait, I’m not blogging tonight.’ It’s a weird feeling, but I am enjoying the extra time to work on other projects and I promise to blog at least once a week. It might end up being more. What can I say? I can’t stay away.

But I think it’s important to mention how dedicating yourself to something, a project or a habit, is extremely conducive to good time management skills. Not to mention that it gives you something to work toward. People are always more productive when they have goals or dreams.

So many people look at me funny when I say “my dream”… They think of it as a Disney channel mantra like “follow your dreams.” But quite honestly, there is something to said about having a dream and creating goals to get there. Because on the way to obtaining your dream to getting to where you want to be, you accomplish goals on the way. You have something to work toward always, that way you can reach you dream. The second you let yourself fall into a standstill, you move back. Everything you worked toward is less valuable because you let yourself go, you let that dream go. You stop working toward it, you forget about it, and you are left living for tomorrow because you have nothing to accomplish today.

Having dreams and working toward them is not a silly thing, but rather a basic outline of how to be happy. Because what can make you happier than following your dreams?

It is important to have dreams. It is important to have goals. It is important to accomplish those goals and have a determined attitude to do so. Create goals and roundhouse kick those hobos who aren’t doing anything with their lives that are sitting in your way. And give a solid kick in the nuts to those people who do have goals and dreams but give you a hard time. Push past those nasty-nast people in your way so you can accomplish what you have been set out to accomplish!

I am simply extremely passionate about people working hard toward what they want. It isn’t easy but it’s imminent.

On a completely unrelated note my brother is working diligently on creating a website for me. I am oh so excited and it is going to be wonderful! Keep on the look out for that. And while I won’t talk to you tomorrow, I will talk to you soon. 

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