My Beauty Favorites!

Well, this is a bit weird considering I normally blog about things you would find in a 13-year-old girl’s diary, but I have decided to do something just a little bit different today.

For the past few months I have been following beauty gurus on YouTube. I am not normally the girl to be well “girly” and prissy and what not, but I have quite enjoyed their make up tips and seeing all of the cute clothes they buy and the outfits they put together. I have always had my own little style I suppose, but I would like to think I have always been up to date on the latest and greatest fashion trends. Whether I choose to participate or not… eh, is a different story.

But! In inspiration from these lovely ladies of YouTube I have decided to do a blog post about my favorite make-ups and body products. It just looks like fun! So here we go…

Now, most of these aren’t necessarily specialty items… aka you can find these at Wal*Mart. Hallelujah!

1) Ponds Dry Skin Cream: My absolute favorite and I cannot go without it! Whether you have dry or oily skin it is extremely important to moisturize. It keeps your skin healthy and glowing. I have very dry skin and must apply at least once if not twice a day. This isn’t expensive at all, but certainly does the trick without being oily or greasy on my skin.

2) Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner: I tried this recently and absolutely fell in love. It worked wonders on my split ends and left my hair looking healthy. I will definitely purchase it again!

3) Maybelline New York Baby Lips: It is a chapstick that feels as if I took a flavored and slightly colored stick of butter and just rubbed it all over my lips! Sounds a bit weird but it works wonders. You can get a regular kind with no color or one that has a tint to it. So many options. Such a great product. Lurve it. 

4) Loreal Paris Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner: The best product ever!!! I am sure there are many wonderful waterproof liquid eyeliners out there but this is my favorite. I have tried nearly every kind of liquid eyeliner there is and I have settled on this one. It stays on all day! I always run into the issue of my eyeliner running or smearing or somehow disappearing into the abyss during the day but this stuff lasts.

5) Brushes: This is random, but every girl has got to have make up brushes to apply her make up with right?! I use the Eco Tools. I tried these once and fell in love. They are super soft but apply foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow all so perfectly. If you are looking for some high quality but inexpensive brushes I would definitely try these!

6) Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish: I recently picked up this product because one of my favorite beauty gals was talking about it and I fell in love. I have the shade 260 Bold Sangria. This product dries decently fast but it really does last for a long time. While some other nail polishes chip off in a day or two this can last for a week looking like you just painted them!

7) Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo: This stuff is a life saver. There are other brands that have dry shampoo that I honestly haven’t tried yet but when considering the price of this product and how it works I think I am pretty well stuck on this one! Dry shampoo works wonders if your roots get oily or dirty and you need a quick freshen up without the hassle of taking a shower. It gets rid of the oiliness and makes hair look like new!

8) Body Butter: Oh my Golly Goodness this product is wonderful. I have the scent Twilight Woods (my favorite) from Bath and Body Works and let me tell you, I do not go a day without using this. I have super dry skin especially on my arms and I have noticed a dramatic difference after using this product for a week or two. And it smells so good!!

I hope you all enjoyed this rather improvised blog post, but I definitely had fun going through all of my favorite things. I shall continue doing these every now and then, just for fun! Let me know what you think about these products or if you have any suggestions! 

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