"All I Know is Pouring Rain"

Sometimes people ask me why it is I like the rain.
They question how I can like the clouds and the dreariness too.
Gray skies, just one massive cloud cover.
How can that be pleasant? How can you crave that? The supposed empty nothingness that comes with a cloud and a raindrop… 
All I know, is that with every onset of another cloud my heart takes a breath. With every bit of darkess comes a silent ping of peace. With every raindrop comes the slowing of my thoughts. With every lightning bolt comes the spark of something special. With every roll of thunder comes the words from within me. With every downpour comes the truth behind the liar. And within every storm I find myself.
There is no sun to hide behind. There is no notion of fake smiles for a bright day. There is no innocent carelessness to be foolish with. I am left with the solitude of knowing where my true self truly is and who that person is.
The rain isn’t sad. The clouds aren’t depressing. The thunderstorms help us find who we truly are.
Call me crazy for loving days on days of sunless peace, but to me they are the days I find the most reconcilliation.

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