For the Ones Who Can't Write it Themselves

There isn't a whole lot I like about being a journalism student.

The late sleepless nights. The stress. The talking to random people you have never met before. The insane amount of self esteem you must have to not care if citizens hate you or not. The constant criticism you get from editors and professors. The amount of red ink on your paper that your eyes are now trained to understand as blood red tears.

It isn't until I'm making one of those terribly awkward phone calls that I remember why I do what I do. Because on a beautiful rare occasion the person on the other end is someone pouring their heart about a cause or passion that they are so on fire about. They make me care about something I never even gave a second thought about before.

Those are the people I keep writing for.

It is people like that who have a passion and an interest that is so special, but they just don't have the ability to write the story themselves. They need someone like me who will sit there and absorb everything they choose to divulge, so in the end I can tell the truth of their story.

Those are the people I keep writing for.

For the ones who have a story told be told, but don't know how to tell it themselves. And even though it may cause me more blood, sweat and tears than i've got, it's still worth it.

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