"I've Got Sunshine On a Cloudy Day"

I don’t often meet famous people, but when I do…

It was a Thursday evening that was much anticipated. The previous days ticked by ever so slowly as to mock my childhood excitement. Even with sniffles and a growing sore throat, the treck out to Dallas to a rank smelling bar in deep Ellum, was more than worth it.

With large Xs on our hands to mark our underage status my friends and myself marched into the bar with high hopes for the evening. There seemed to be an eternity of opening acts hoping to make it big in this world while we patiently tapped our toes waiting for the main act to arrive. When his large and in charge hair and stereotypical plaid shirt marched out onto the stage, my mind went wild.

It’s such a weird sensation when you see someone in the flesh that has previously just been a face on a screen. But nevertheless, I checked my ego at the door and began to sing along, dance and take in every little sensation of the moment. I was in complete bliss.

But what evening wouldn’t be complete without the main act’s father trying to set you and your friends up with his son?

And of course, when the talented singer songwriter himself mistakes you as high school students. But regardless the night was unforgettable.

It is nice to meet an artist that takes the time to talk with fans, smile for a thousand flashing lights and of course retweet them on Twitter.

It took nearly two days for those black Xs to fade, but I have a picture and special memories to hold me over until next time. 

For those of you who don't know who Landon Austin is, check out one of his amazing original songs right here. Brilliant dude. 

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