Philosophical Dove Chocolates

Today, a Dove chocolate rudely blurted "love with your heart, not your head."

In that moment I finally realized the status of my emotional rationale. I have been classically conditioned to believe that feeling things like love and sadness and glee and vulnerability is wrong. Past situations have taught me that the more I push people away and the more I cover up, the less pain I feel, the fewer tears I shed, the less time I spend laying under covers wondering when the sinking feeling will go away. 

But unfortunately when I remove the tears and the sadness and the sinking feeling, I no longer have the ability to feel the joy and the giddiness and the love. 

I forget to connect with people. I forget to care. I forget to want to get to know them. 

I push them away. I cut them off. I pick apart the tiniest details to find something wrong so I have an excuse to disengage. 

How cowardly; to be so silly as to let something from the past dictate what I feel now. To let myself fall into foolishness' trap. 

What kind of life is it to be afraid and closed off? Not a very fulfilling one I can assure you. 

I always thought it was me being careful. Me guarding my heart. But maybe I stepped one too many stairs and ended up being closed off. 

I don't give people chances, I just write them off as a threat. Sometimes I think it works and I end up whole and not broken. 

But maybe just maybe, it's worth getting hurt sometimes so I can remember what it's like to be painless. 

Those dang philosophical Dove chocolates... making me have feelings. 

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  1. Dude Dove Chocolate gives better advice than I could in my whole entire life!