The Grammy's: Why Do I Watch These Things?

February 10, 2013

I was so excited for the Grammy's for just a couple reasons:

1) To see Ed Sheeran on the red carpet in his cute little suit

2) To check out all of the red carpet dresses and judge them accordingly

3) To see Ed Sheeran perform

4) To see Ed Sheeran win the Grammy he deserves.

Unfortunately, I missed the red carpet event and I didn't get to see Ed win. Well then. I still watched the rest regardless so I could blog about it for you lovely people. How gracious of me.

I was decently excited to see Taylor's performance admittedly. I don't always like her music, but she can put on a good show. But once I realized she was wearing a sparkly top hat and surrounded by white fluffy characters that resembled Alice in Wonderland, I gave up the sympathetic side of me and judged the crap out of whoever thought that was a good idea. I just don’t understand what a dude in bunny ears and girls in poofy white dresses have to do with you not getting back together with your ex. Also, was that a British accent I heard saying “I still love you…?” I can just picture Harry Styles getting a good laugh at that one. I was holding out hope that Taylor would finally win over all of her enemies with a banging opening act, but oh well. Can't say I'm surprised. But hey, at least we got cut after cut to Taylor dancing and singing along to all of our favorite artists! Which for me, just made it so very special.

I was a little bit iffy when I heard that Elton John was partnering up with Ed Sheeran, but I must say they both sounded wonderful. And while their voices are very different, I think they ended up sounding interesting together… interesting in a good way. But honestly Elton, get the words right. And LL Cool J say Ed’s name right: it’s Sheeeeeran, not Sharon.

Adele, your dress looks like curtains.

I suffered through way too much Carrie Underwood tonight. Also, her dress? WHAT. As a grown woman I would expect her to be out of her high school freshman homecoming dress stage, but you know, maybe not.

I was sad, depressed and about to call it quits until my girls Beyonce and Ellen announced Justin Timberlake. That boy can sing. That boy can dance. That boy can make a girl sitting on her couch lose it over a random dancing boy on the television. On top of his already natural sexy classiness they toss it into black and white. Baby, you bring sexy back. 

Fun. won a ton of stuff. 

The Lumineers were wonderful and charming. 

Prince imitated a blind person. 

I have realized my true feelings for Frank Ocean. That is he a sweet little baby boy that just has so much talent and love and perfection. I just want to give him a hug. 

Katy Perry's dress confused me. 

Rihanna was awkward as usual. 

All them rappers did their rapper thing. 

All in all it was terribly long and decently boring, but my boy Justin Timberlake never disappoints and I am oh so very proud of Ed for everything he has done, even if he didn't win an award. 

But for those of you who missed the Grammy's and care so much about what happened, here are the results of the (in my eyes) most important winners. For the full list of winners and nominees you can click here

Album of the Year
Winner: Mumford & Sons - Babel

Record of the Year
Winner: Gotye feat. Kimbra - "Somebody That I Used to Know"

Best New Artist
Winner: fun.

Best Pop Vocal Album
Winner: Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

Song of the Year
Winner: fun. - "We Are Young"

Best Rock Song
Winner: The Black Keys - "Lonely Boy"

Best Rock Album
Winner: The Black Keys - El Camino

Best Alternative Music Album
Winner: Gotye - Making Mirrors

Best Urban Contemporary Album
Winner: Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

Best R&B Album
Winner: Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio

Best Rap Song
Winner: Jay-Z & Kanye West - "N---as In Paris"

Best Rap Album
Winner: Drake - Take Care

Best Country Song
Winner: Carrie Underwood - "Blown Away"

Best Country Solo Performance
Winner: Carrie Underwood - "Blown Away"

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