The Super Bowl: A Recap

My evening began with a giant bowl of melted cheeses accompanied by a mixed concoction of avocados and other delicious veggies topped off with the satisfying crunch of a freshly baked chip. Throw a couple of Dr. Peppers in there and I was ready to go.

I have had an off and on thing with both the 49ers and the Ravens. The 49ers and all California teams really have a reputation for playing pretty rough. Not playing the game as a game, but walking into the stadium with the intention of destroying the other team. While the Ravens are a great team with a wonderful quarter back (my man Flacco), but they also have Ray Lewis. Of course we don’t know if Ray Lewis actually killed someone, but the dude got out on a plea bargain. So regardless, he was involved in some extremely sketchy shit.

I want to root for the 49ers, but something about Flacco and the team never being in the Super Bowl just made my heart melt. So, I pushed aside all of my previous misconceptions about the Ravens and saw them as a good team and by golly they proved it. Then of course came the half-time show…

I am a girl who respects her grandparents very much, but when my grandpa saw a commercial with Beyonce for the half time show and basically called her a slut, I nearly whipped out the fists of rage….. I am a hardcore Beyonce fan and I must say, she KILLED it on stage! Girl friend knows what she is doing. And when Destiny’s Child reunited I got teary eyed. What a half time show!

Then the power outage. Of course it was just a fluke, but I have to admit that for a minute there I was expecting Bane to pop out and announce he was going to blow up the arena. But after I realized that wasn’t going to happen I just assumed some angry 49ers fan pulled the plug. Jokes on you dude! They lost anyways!

And then the 49ers had there come back after an astonish run by the Ravens. It was a close end, but the Ravens pulled ahead. And after a few sodas and a belly full of junk food I was content with anyone winning. But good for the Ravens. In my opinion they played a great game and deserved to win.

Good game. Good half time show. Good food. Good day. Would have been better if a Batman character showed up, but this is good too.

Also, I kept pointing out to my mom that Jim always looked grumpy… point proven.

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