It is almost Spring Break time for many of you lucky people out there, which means it's time to dust off the old suit case and start packing away!

Though I still have 5 days until I depart for my Spring Break adventure, I have started packing already. What can I say? I'm excited!

I love absolutely everything about traveling, but one of my favorite things (oddly enough) is going shopping for all of the little travel sized things to toss in my suit case. So I did just that, but with the help of my good friend Target.

Many stores have travel sections of sorts where you can buy mini... well everything! But Target always seems to follow through for me. I arrived and was greeted by the most wonderful selection of travel items yet. The best thing is they seem to carry all of my day to day products in mini form! You can only imagine my excitement. 

Here are the items I bought from the Target travel section: 

Starting from the left there is Ponds deep moisturizing cream. This was $1.50 I believe and is perfect because this is the moisturizer I use every day, but just in travel form! 

The next is Vaseline lip treatment in cherry flavor. This was $.98 and I mostly bought it because it tastes delicious! But it is always important to have a good lip treatment when traveling! 

The next is my favorite find. It is St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub, Blemish Control. I use this daily as well and I just happen to find it in travel form! Perfect! And I think this was around $1.00

And of course, gotta have the D.O. for the B.O. This one is Dove and was $.98 as well.

In the back you see the cutest little green themed bottles you have ever seen! These came in a pack of four and are all 3 oz. TSA approved if you are flying. And they came with cute little labels so you don't forget what is what. How handy dandy! And these were $2.50 believe. 

On top of those things, this is one of my musts for spring and summer time. Some of you probably suffer from the same issue as me, the white pasty skin. I embrace my white skin most of the time, but for Spring and summer time I like to have a little bit of color on my skin, but I don't like to spray tan and fake bake. But not to worry, I discovered my savior: Jergens Natural Glow. 
This is simply a lotion that gives you skin a natural sun kissed glow without leaving orange spots on your skin! If you are wanting some color without sitting out under the sun, I would definitely recommend this product! 

I purchased quite a few useful little items for great prices. And now I am ready to head off to California for the Spring Break of a life time. 

All I need to do is zip up my suit case and I'm ready to head out! I hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break!! Stay safe. 

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