Such Great Lengths

The past few days have been filled with repacking my suitcase more times than I care to admit, sitting by the phone hoping a redeeming call would come and sitting around in an airport a few extra hours than planned.

But it is by the comforting side of a baby kitten that I let you all know the adventure is not done yet.

Being a standby on flights to LAX during Spring Break week is not the smoothest of traveling I can assure you that. And I personally have to have every detail of an event scheduled down to the tee, but I cannot say that for this situation. The yearn for a good ol' adventure is forcing me to try to be something I am most definitely not, flexible.

Not to mention the very short 3 hour nap of a night I am going to call "going to bed" tonight. Nothing like getting up at 4:30 in the morning to catch a flight to the beautiful LAX. It will all be worth it when we land though I am quite sure.

I am a sucker for a good adventure though, I must say. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to get to do something so out of the ordinary and of course blog all about it. So in the end these are a few sacrifices I am willing to give up for the beautiful beaches and shopping and people and sights of the perfect California.

The night is late and the sleeping kitty next to me is asking me to cuddle. So tata for now and soon enough this blog will be filled with the magical stories of the West.

Hope your Spring Breaks are perfectly perfect! 

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