"When Everything's Made to be Broken, I Just Want You to know Who I Am"

I was going to write something beautiful and crafted perfectly that would make you all swoon in adoration, but today just doesn't feel like one of those formal days. Today just feels like a day to talk and recap. 

Here I am at the tail end of a wonderful Spring Break. One that allowed me to venture thousand of miles away, drive a sports car, see the beauty of unknown territory, experience music up close and personal, and catch up with a few people that I have dearly missed. 

I went in to this break with a sour attitude questioning that anything would come of it besides a few extra hours on the couch or a new high score on my Tiny Wings app. But nevertheless I have emerged with only a few scrapes and bruises (or burns) and the positive outlook on life that characteristically comes with bright and cheery spring. But one that I think will do me some good in the future. An attitude that isn't temporary. 

For me this break was about reconciliation and cleaning. Removing the crap that has sat on my shoulders for far too long now. I took a deep breath and looked at my past and the decisions I have made (good and bad) and where I could have done things differently. Though I must say, I don't think I would have changed a thing. Everything happens for a reason right? 

But I learned from the choices I made in the past and can apply them to the future. 

Personally, I learned I can't treat people terribly and expect them to like me... well duh. We all think I should have figured this out earlier right? Well, I should have. But I never had to put effort into relationships and friendships my entire life and all the sudden the world of college has thrust upon me this new responsibility of actually having to maintain and cultivate relationships. And my actions in the past don't reflect my caring about people in that manner, I simply forgot about people and left them out rust because I didn't even consider putting much effort into a friendship.  

But I learned from the consequences, things come back to bite you in the butt and karma is a nasty little bitch. But goes to show, doing the right thing is worth it in the end. And though I would like to say all I need is me, myself and I, I know for a fact friends are there for a reason and I could not get through the day without them. And treating them terribly isn't a good service to anyone.

All in all: positivity achieved with a new outlook to start my spring time. Now, I am going to put gallons of lotion on my blistering sunburns and hope tomorrow brings even more positivity and assurance to keep me going. 

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