Be Bold

I am quite positive I have scribbled things about this quote many many times. I have no doubt blogged about it just a couple times as well. But no how many times I read it, the quote still smacks me with a wave of intense curiosity. It's one of those quotes that has a strong meaning standing alone, but that has a different interpretation for each person that reads it:

"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."- Basil King

I don't know diddly squat about this Basil King guy. But regardless of his reputation or credence as a quote producer, those words still get me. 

I think often times the quote is put into situations about love and grand romantic gestures. I get it! Being bold and romantic and stepping out of the box is a great way to pull a lady/dude. But think about the quote in terms of life in general. 

Being bold isn't always about trying to impress someone. But rather doing it for yourself and your own personal enlightenment. Being bold in your actions. Taking risk, a chance. Following a feeling or an intuition. Making a decision and standing proud behind it knowing that whether it was right or wrong, it was your decision. Own up to it.

I think it can also pertain to confidence. Being bold and standing proud means you are confident in who you are and where you are in life. Having confidence in yourself can turn the most sickening situations into a manageable ones. Confidence can open up doors that never would have been opened hadn't you stood straight with your chin held high. 

The "mighty forces" (whatever they may be) come to our side when we treat ourselves with respect; when we recognize that each and every one of us are humans with hopes and dreams and lives. These mighty forces take care of us when we take of ourselves. Be bold and these forces of nature, of the world will be right behind us, giving us the push we need. 

Be strong. Be proud. Be bold. Everything else will fall into place. 

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