Suburban Bubble

I always tell people that I can't write a book sitting in my apartment looking out my bedroom window. I need to see what else the world has to offer besides the tiny little world that I'm living in. The world of small town suburbs. The world is such a vast escape of knowledge and experiences beyond my imagination. And the only way to write from what I know and understand is to see it all.

And I hope to do that one day, to see it all.

I hope to travel to the ends of the world and back and share my experiences with the world so that one day they may be inspired to do the same.I have had a yearn to get out of where I was my entire life. After a few weeks in the same routine, I become restless and want out. And I don't think anything I ever do will change my want and need to go and travel and adventure. And one day I will have those adventures outside the little bubble I'm in.

But it wasn't until tragic insomnia set in and it wasn't until the gentle rain began to fall and I turned off every noise around me, that I realized maybe for right now I'm not meant to be somewhere else. Maybe I'm not meant to explore the depths of the oceans and the tallest of peaks right this very second. Maybe for some before designed reason I am meant to be right where I am.

And that is not something I have ever been confident about. I have never felt like where I am is where I am supposed to be. I always thought I was meant to be somewhere else. But right now, I think I'm meant to be here.

And granted, I'm not really sure about anything else. I'm not sure about my future. I'm not sure about the people who are going to be in it.  I'm not sure where I am supposed to go after my time here is finished. But for right now, in this quiet and rainy moment, I am meant to be sitting in my chair with my feet on the window sill looking out at the suburban bubble I live in. And honestly, I'm okay with this moment. I am where I am meant to be.

I feel peace. And for me, that's a first.

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