Summer memories

The days of relentless showers and ice cold winds have finally ceased to make way for the sun to pop on through. Warm breezes and bright evenings have taken over and are consistently distracting me from my studies. Something I am rather okay with. 

Spring has finally set in, which means summer is close as well! 

I am normally not an advocate for Texas summers, considering the intense heat and breezeless air and the perpetual state of sweat we all live in. But this year I am welcoming it with open arms. Though I chose to put myself through the dangerous task of two summer classes, I still have high hopes this summer is going to be one of the best. 

The itching anticipation of the warm coming months, makes me quite antsy. I always do a massive closet and room cleaning, a car cleaning, a large shopping trip, a room make over of some sort, new phone case, a computer cleaning, an old papers from last semester cleaning; but after all that I STILL feel as if I need a change. I still end up searching for something new as I realize I've spent the past six months in a homework coma. 

I normally try to solve this by doing something reckless with my hair like chopping it all off, getting bangs or of course deciding to dye it red and never go back! 

But lately I have been contemplating the idea of a piercing or a tattoo. This is a naughty naughty idea at 20 because my parents still pay for my college, and if I come home with something that scares them too terribly much, that college money gets snatched away quite quickly.

So in the end, I happen upon a summer romance. I have a lovely time with days after days of secret meet ups, late night drives with the windows down and flirty texts. And at the end of the summer I have  myself a good cry knowing that these happy things cannot last forever. And eventually that time I spent with my summer hottie will be spent studying and doing homework. And eventually I become okay with that. And those summer memories stay with me. But that is all they will ever be for me; simple summer memories that remind me of happy, innocent and antsy times. 

At this point I have begun to wonder when one of those summer romances will break past the summer timeline and just never stop. I wonder when something innocent and light hearted brought on the by sun will turn into something serious and beautiful and forever. 

Summer is such a lovely time to fall in love. And I hope that when my time comes to fall into an eternal love the summer sun is there to accompany my happiness. But until then, I hope to enjoy this summer and makes memories with the people I love in the places I love knowing that at some point it will end, but have the comfort of knowing it will happen again the next year. 

Happy spring and soon to be happy summer <3 

p.s. I still might get a piercing. shhh. 

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