Things you actually learn in college

Two of the most important things I've learned so far in college are: 
1) Do not mouth off to the professor and 
2) Moonshine is extremely dangerous 

However, the very most important thing I've learned so far in college is not to limit myself. 

While pursuing my public relations degree I've, obviously, had to learn how to write a publishable story, put together a communications plan for a non-profit, design graphics, interview people and create a basic website. But aside from all of the book information I paid thousands of dollars for, I've learned the importance of keeping my mind open to a world from which I had been previously closed off. 

The technical purpose of college is to take classes and earn a degree. But the whole college experience is more than just homework, class, homework, class, bar. 

It is a process of learning who you are and where exactly your little niche is. Whether you realize it or not, college students are on a constant hunt for where exactly they fit in; in their field and in this world. 

I've come to understand that no matter what major I choose or what school I choose to go to, it's about opening my mind to every experience that crossing my path. With each opportunity I take advantage of, I learn a little bit about myself. Each and every time I try something new or talk to someone different, a little piece of me, fluttering around in the universe, finds its way to me. And I always end up feeling a little bit more put together and a little bit more confident about where my journey is going to take me when I am done with these four years. 

I can try a little bit of this and a little bit of that and work for the newspaper or stack papers in an office or make delicious hot beverages. I can choose anything I want. And those choices and experiences will not only shape who I become, but will also open up doors for me I never would have imagined if I hadn't kept my mind open to all of the possibilities. 

It's annoying I have to pay $18,000 a year to figure out where I wanna be in this world, but in the end I think it's all worth it... So long as I stop saying no out of fear and begin to say yes and remain open to these new experiences. 

And now, in the spirit of college life, I am going to pull an all nighter and study away.

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