Arrested Development

Warning: if you are an Arrested Development fan and haven't seen season four, do not read! Spoilers ahead! 

For those you out of the loop or have disconnected yourself from society, the much anticipated season four of Arrest Development finally aired on Netflix on Sunday. 

The show first aired on Fox in 2003. It ran for three seasons after getting mysteriously canceled. It won many awards, yet had a
low viewership on Fox. Even though new episodes were not being produced, the show development a cult following of sorts on Netflix. The show was in such high demand that Netflix agreed to exclusively host season four of the show, which we now get to obsess over. The show follows the Bluth family and their trials and tribulations concerning their real-estate company (sort of) and all of the shenanigans they get into.

Overall, the newest season wasn't half bad. They brought back all the old classic characters we all love and even tied up some loose strings that were left off during the previous seasons. The script was crafty and played off of the fact the show was mysteriously canceled, but has returned nearly six years later with a whole new twist of fate for the Bluth family. The new series is 15 episodes, about 30 to 35 minutes each. This season takes the audience where the characters had been for the past few years and what exactly they're doing now. They do this by taking each character and writing an episode based upon that character's role. The episodes also detail how that character's actions and scenes intertwines with the other characters. It becomes this giant web of confusion that eventually sorts itself all out, for the most part. 

I am a long time fan of the show but to be quite honest, I was a little bit disappointed with the new season. Don't get me wrong I still loved it, mostly for the fact it is just Arrest Development. But I didn't find myself laughing at as many things as the old episodes. The humor just didn't do it for me this time. But as the episodes went on I think pacing and humor picked up, so the last few episodes were the best in my opinion. The end was somewhat abrupt and I still had questions after it ended. Chances of a movie perhaps? And we would get to see Buster in jail!

I did learn something while watching this though: Michael Cera does not age and Ostriches can be nasty little fellas. 

I did like the fourth season. I think the directors and writers really captured what Arrested Development was from the beginning, but without taking it too overboard. 

If you haven't seen the fourth season yet, gogogo! 

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