Bath Habits: Epsom Salt is a savior

Would it be weird for me to talk about my bathing schedule? Let's hope not. 

Has anyone heard of Epsom salt baths? Well apparently they are this popular thing right now, and I am just the last person to jump on the bandwagon. 

Before I totally confuse those of you who don't know what Epsom salt baths are, raise your hand if you either are an athlete or have other muscle and tissue issues? Everyone? Okay. Pay attention. 

Epsom salt baths relieve tension in your body, loosen your muscles and also help with swelling in the joints. I have no idea exactly how it works (probably magic), but it does work. 

You can buy a large vat of epsom salt nearly anywhere you can buy bread and Cheetos, so I went to
Wal*Mart. Now, I don't know how your stores are set up but apparently the epsom salt does not go with the rest of the salts; it's over by shampoo and body care. I chose the kind with Eucalyptus in it to help sooth my mind even further, and let me tell you, it's working. 

You just turn on the hot water, plug the drain, toss two cups of the salt in and lay back and relax for a while until it does its thing. I've made a habit of doing it every other night and already love it.

So if you suffer from joint or muscle pain, give this a shot! 

Because this stuff is freakin awesome.  

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