Beachy Sky

I was a long and tiring day when I embarked on my drive home. With sleepy eyes and a pounding brain I knew the drive would be difficult, but I had Ed Sheeran's tunes to keep me company.

I drove through clouds and wind. I saw scattered leaves and broken tree limbs scattered about on the roads. Not to mention all of the cars pulled over to fix broken bits or missing parts. They can thank the storm for that.

The sky was a chilly grey mass and with nothing to breakup the sameness.

Until I started noticing the trees. The trees looked bigger. They looked healthier. They looked greener! Somehow with a matter of 20 minutes they sprung up like weeds.

And as my baby car drudgingly pulled us over a hill. I finally saw the grey sky break. But it wasn't a ray of light or a few beams here and there. It was the horizon. There was a band of light coloring the horizon like i've never seen before.

It looked as if the grey sky was the ocean, the water, and the light was the beach. A bright white beach that could blind you from a while away with its radiance. I couldn't help looking to my left and right, to see if I was crazy. But it was in every direction I could see. All I did was stare at it the rest of the drive home.

It might be silly to connect sun patterns with meanings, but I will anyway. Maybe that sun represents the hope, the bright end of the tunnel for all of the people affected by weather this week. Maybe the green trees, the full lakes and birds give a sign that all hope is not lost. Though things seem to have fallen apart the past couple months and weeks, there will still be that light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn't all for anything. It couldn't have been.

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