After spending many tiring hours studying for my Maymester final tomorrow, I was at a loss for words to blog about. The sinking feeling of drooping eyes set in and I knew that no matter what I wrote it would be filled with spelling errors and probably talk about cake. I seem to blog about cake when I sleep-blog. 

For inspiration I went to my handy dandy bookmark tab and clicked on the Coffitivity button. Immediately, the sounds of a warm and comforting coffee shop filled my room and a rush of creativity brightened my eyes and opened my brain. 

What is Coffitivity you may ask? Coffitivity is the ultimate getaway for writers in search of some inspiration and concentration. You go to the website and hear the background noise of a coffee shop. That's it. But the brilliant thing about it is that it totally works. My lovely friend and blogger Jessica suggested that I check it out, knowing that I can never have too much inspiration and creativity. 

If you are anything like me and hate the sound of silence and slowly go insane with the dull groan of the washing machine down the hall, you will understand the need to have some sort of auditory stimulus in order to be productive. The creators of this site understand too and have created the perfect solution to all of our concentration issues! 

Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit. Sit down in your jammies. Pop open Coffitivity and enjoy the atmosphere of your favorite little cafe without moving or putting on normal clothes. 

This idea is an A+ in my book and definitely one of my new favorite sites! But don't take my opinion, go check it out for yourself and get creative! 

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