Downton Abbey: Obsessed much?

(Disclaimer: I was half asleep while writing this. I apologize for any grammar or spelling issues. Guess I stayed up too late watching Downton Abbey)

I joined the Downton Abbey bandwagon a little late in game here. But better late than never, right? I actually watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix/Hulu a few months ago, but my mom and sister have recently become attached and got me reobsessed. Buying  the season 3 DVD on Amazon and paying extra for rush order is totally sane right? Oops.

Regardless, I can not believe this show. Before I ever saw the show, I assumed it would be similar to those cute little colonial American Girl Doll Books us ladies used to read as kids. But believe it our not, the story is about more than just a 13 year old plastic girl with braids.

The story itself is so clever. Without giving anything away, the writers and directors take risks with their script and apparently aren't afraid to piss watchers off, which, frankly I respect. But the bit that captivates me the most is not the storyline perse, but rather the characters and how they react to things.

The characters have been built to have many layers, and with each episode the watcher gets to see more and more of these boundless layers. Also, not a single member of the show is perfect. And I think that is why people like the watch the show. They can identify with the characters for having rights and wrongs like any normal person.

I am about to fall asleep so I should wrap things up. If you have never seen Downton Abbey before or even if you have... Watch it!

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