leap of faith

Life is too short to follow the societal pattern of what constitutes a successful life or a happy life. For some people the stereotypical day to day life of a house wife and a business man is enough. But for others it's not. For others it is about accomplishing something that will make a difference and experiences everything and anything possible. And sometimes this happiness and way of living life can be a little bit scary. 

You are moving out from the nest and everything you knew is suddenly gone. But some spontaneous and ballsy people do it. It takes a special kind of person to do that; to be ballsy. But often times, the happiest of moments in life are not planned. The happiest moments are spontaneous and ballsy. Sometimes, life just asks us to have a leap of faith and follow our intuition regardless of how stupid the head says the decision is. Planning everything out isn't always the answer. That is a life doomed to boredom. 

A leap of faith is all we need sometimes. To tell ourselves we are going to make a decision, because it feels right not because our head tells us it's the smartest decision. 

p.s. sorry for any spelling/grammar problems. Downside of everyday blogging: trying to make words make sense at 2:30 in the morning. 

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