Summer Resolutions

The past week has existed in a cloud cover. Every morning I would wake up in hopes the sun would shine on through, but alas I was stuck in rain clouds. But I believe some sunny skies are in the future and just in time for the beginning of summer. 

For those of us still in school, the day summer break begins is the most anticipated day of the year. Though I still have to work and attend my summer classes, the possibilities seem endless; simply because it is summer. 

I am a firm believer that New Year's Resolutions should be stated the beginning of June, because we all know no one is going to want to get up at 7 in the morning and haul their cold butt over to the gym in January! No, summer is the time for change, resolutions and new goals. The sun brings determination and inspiration, thus making it the perfect time to make goals. 

My goals for this summer: 
  • learn to code- doing so already at Code Academy
  • read books- read one and half already
  • write more
  • make my own website
  • get in shape
  • take at least one trip/vacation
  • write so much more 
  • super clean my apartment 
  • spend hours and hours in the bookstore
  • find another internship for the fall/late summer
  • write even more
  • work more to save for London next summer 
  • make new friends
I realize this list is quite extensive and will require a miracle to check off completely, but might as well set my goals high right? The worst thing that can happen is that I get half of them done. And that's an accomplishment right there. 

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