Nikki after the dentist

Once upon a time there was a naive little girl named Nikki. Nikki loved going to the dentist. She would hop up into that big chair like it was her throne. And she wore that blue bib like it was her royal ball gown. The hygienists cleaned and polished her pearly whites like the servants in the castle. And the dentist himself even showed her a secret hidden treasure within the castle from which she was allowed to choose any sugary sucker of her choice. A special treat for the princess. Turns out the secret treasure came of the Wal*Mart candy isle and the treasure chest the candy was locked away in was made of plastic and cost $10. The blue bib was just a blue bib. The chair was just a chair. And before long a cleaning was no longer a pleasure, but a nightmare.

You hit a certain age and all the sudden the dentist decides you are too old to have cartoons playing in the room while your teeth are getting cleaned. Or you've outgrown the special sucker or goodie bag they are supposed to reward with for not hitting them when they made you bleed. Apparently there comes an age when the doctor no longer talks to you like his pet puppy and starts hitting you with the hard truth. What happen to the high pitched voice and goofy accent?! I liked it; it made me feel less nervous.

Now that I'm 20 the dentist assumes I am capable of handling any amount of pain and pressure. Oh don't worry, I don't need that part of my gum you just chopped off! Oh excuse me while I pass out from all of the blood I lost from your careless incision. A bruise on the side of my face? Because you never pondered the idea of being gentle? Don't worry, I don't mind one bit. I'll just walk around campus like I took a punch from a small fisted child.

That naive little girl. She thought the dentist was all about treasure and power. You will one day learn the evils of the dentist, little Nikki. They are almost as evil as the doctor.... but that is a different story...

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