I wanted to say something about the tornado in Oklahoma today, but I honestly didn't know what to say. I was at a loss for words. I watched the news for a few hours and saw the death toll rise from 0 to 6 to 37 to 51 with a sickening feeling as the number went up. Knowing many of those numbers were kids made that feeling even worse. But the frustrating thing was I did not having the physical ability to do anything to change to outcome. The power I had, was to hope and pray that somehow there would be a miracle. A miracle that would save the lives of those poor children and people killed and buried. 

It's terrible that all of these catastrophic events seem to occur over and over and over again. The second we start to recover from one, there's is another on its tail. And I've heard from many people that it takes a disaster like this to get Americans to care about anyone but themselves. But I think quite the opposite. I think that even though recent events have been mind blowing and terrible, they demonstrate the good that is deep inside us all and how as Americans we always come together in a time of crisis. 

But seeing things like this happen to normal everyday people makes me so much more thankful for my safety. Safety is something we definitely take for granted. But we shouldn't, because at any second it could be torn away, like it was for these people. 

Thoughts and Prayers to Oklahoma, the families and those poor lost souls. May they find peace. 

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