The Billboard Music Awards are a thing?

Apparently there aren't enough award shows throughout the course of the year. To save the day, TV producers decided to toss in another one just to publicize artists even more and of course rake in the big bucks.

I caught a few glimpses of the award show and quite honestly thought it was the Nick Teen Choice Awards that I watched when I was 10. But nope. It was legit?

Let's start with the host, Tracy Morgan. I hated him in 30 Rock. I still hate him.

Of course Selena and Chris Brown didn't lip sing. Terrible thing is, I actually like Selena, but when you can hear her back up track during her entire performance, you lose a little respect for the girl.

And to Kid Rock, I understand your need to be completely wasted during the BBMAs, but could you put the cigar away and wait until after the show to get obliterated? You had one job to do, and you messed it up! Also, dropping the mic on the ground doesn't make you cool. It just hurts the mic. Those things are expensive!

Round of applause to Taylor Swift for winning 50% of the awards given out. And 10 points to her for wearing a tee that said "Haters gonna hate" during her 22 performance. And even though you are 23, I still enjoyed that performance to an extent.

Ed Sheeran, you will always be perfect no matter what.

Justin Bieber, I don't like you that much, but you didn't deserve to get booed. But you also shouldn't have made an idiotic and frankly embarrassing save speech like the one you did. Also, your pants are weird.

Also, Miguel fell on a chick? Doing it wrong. 

I stopped watching after that point because I had better things to do like wallow in self pity and water my cactus (it's funny because you don't really have to water a cactus.)

That's all for now.

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