The Final Countdown

The moment has come. The last of the finals has been taken. The drive home with the windows down was beautiful. The inspiring and building tunes drifting from my poorly crafted car speakers all led up to this one moment. 

I walked in the door and fell onto the couch in a moment of relief and with a sigh I realized... I am halfway done with my college career. 

As excited of a moment as that should have been, I was decently terrified. Two years down, two to go until I will be tossed into the world of big girl jobs and dress pants. A world I am definitely not prepared for quite yet. 

It seems just like yesterday I was trudging up the stairs of my old residents hall and entering into a 10x10 dust filled room. And I thought freshman year was tough... I can't wait to see what the rest of this college career has in store for me. 

I am normally much too eager to grow up. I want the seriousness and responsibilities of adulthood. But in the post finals delirium state, I think I might just want to stay right here for a while. 

(.......I'm a junior in college now.......) 

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